Sunday, 27 November 2011

Fragrance Flowers Have The Health Benefits

Fragrance of flowers is not only soothing the soul, but to cheer your day. Presence in the home provide its own value in a decoration. But without knowing the interest is also providing health value. Its not only relieve stress but also rich in elements that are good for health. Here the benefits can be obtained as a result a therapeutic interest :

Rose Flower

Roses are often used as an ingredient in a drink for those suffering in intestinal irritation, gall bladder and liver problems. Revenue rose water extract also has a fragrance of roses that can soothing heart. Use in the bath, or as a fragrance in the home also can relax the mind.

Flower Chicken Droppings

Do not believe the alleged foul smell flowers have special properties. Petals chicken manure used as a mouthwash said a so good point. This flower is also used an ointment to heal wounds scratches on the skin white because is in antiseptic.

Dandelion Flower

Its is wonderful to enjoy the beauty of this white flower. Happy to see it flying in the wind. The secrets, this flower can actually be used to treat anemia and jaundice, and can neutralize the blood.

Chamomile Flower

Chamomile flower or tea to help get rid of intestinal gas or wind, reduce stress and heal skin burns (the effect of sunlight exposure) and irritation. in addition, can also overcome the abdominal pain and sore muscles.

Chrysanthemum Flower

Chrysanthemum is used to relieve pain during menstruation, sore throat and tonsilitis. Juice made from this flower can be used as medicine for fever. You can also used reducing swelling and redness on your body.


Bright yellow color often associated with the sun because both cheer anymore who sees it. In addition, sunflower extract can actually help relieve a sore throat.

Written By : Abdul Afutawae Al Malique



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